LifeCycleLiving provides quality purpose built urban homes for multi-generational living in locations where residents want to be. We make places in the heart of vibrant towns in the South East, equally our developments are all commuter towns with superb connections to local infrastructure.

We create homes where residents are the customer, where what we design says something about them, where they become part of a vibrant community and want to stay. This is where LifeCycleLiving comes in: our developments offer options to trade up or down within the development and a lifestyle through shared common purpose and community. LifeCycleLiving is 'life simplified' and 'homes for all'.

Our developments support energy efficient living and a reduced bills environment to promote 'responsible living' - so viz a viz - LifeCycleLiving is cheaper. As a developer our energy efficiency credentials are a primary concern and our apartments offer all mod cons, are cheaper to live in that older less well designed stock and are plug and play ready to go.

LifeCycleLiving brings together 50 years of experience delivering over £5bn of Successful Sustainable Development that provides innovative development solutions to address housing needs in the UK and Ireland

LifeCycleLiving is bringing forward 3,500 quality built homes for rent in urban developments in greater London and the South East.